I'm Dr. Jeffrey Hodgson.  This is a picture of me when I was young --just out of the Canadian Armed Forces Medical Corps --Oakland, California (circa 1990). Back then we got through an earthquake, a firestorm, and a drug war that shaped much of who I am today.  

Academic degrees in biology, chemistry, medicine and anesthesiology have added their years but I'm still the same crooked-eyed kid trying to do right.

In 2014 I relocated my medical practice from the operating room to the community in hopes of a more rewarding practice helping people minimize the physical problems they cause themselves rather than making my living on the end-result of those mistakes.   This is the spirit of Lifestyle Solutions and there is one priority: the patient-doctor relationship.  Everything is arranged to optimize that relationship in way most convenient to the patient.

This is healthcare the way used to be.  Designed by a doctor, delivered by a doctor and directed by a doctor.  But with the technical advantages that have come along since that time, it can be even better.

I hope you agree.

Jeffrey R Hodgson, MD