Medical Research and Engineering for Experimental Aviation

Aerospace Medical Research

The foundation of Aerospace Medical Research Company is our experimental platform; a two seat, dual-pilot capable, single piston-engine, fixed-pitch propellor airplane. First acquired in Wasilla, Alaska, the poorly built example of Van's RV7a was dismantled of wings and tail; packaged and shipped via cargo ship and trailer to Watsonville airport and over the following three years was refurbished throughout including a new tail, electrical system, and power-plant with modifications to the control, fuel, and navigation systems.  In 2016 the FAA awarded a special airworthiness certificate and re-registered N377CP to accommodate basic flight testing which is now complete.  Aerial operations now include complex airspace and cross-country navigation.  

Current operational goals are to lengthen operations to maximum range (about 1100 miles) and to embellish and improve the communications, navigation and control systems in preparation for high altitude flight testing - the last step in preparation of the platform for experiments and prototyping of a novel supplemental oxygen delivery control system.

We're extremely proud of our accomplishments in this lengthy project and happy to announce expectations of real experiments before the initially projected 5-year mark.  Mind you,we're not there yet !  We are currently soliciting venture capital for this final phase of platform development.  Inquiries are invited anytime. 312.305.9378

Warm Regards,

Jeff H, MD