Hospitalization, Childbirth, Surgery

Anesthesiology Consultation

Current healthcare models restrict contact with your anesthesiologist to the moments just before you receive anesthesia.  What's worse, this typically occurs just moments before the surgery, labor epidural, or procedure you are about to undergo with the help of that anesthesiologist - for which you are quite likely and understandably already somewhat anxious.  In preparation for your medical care, nurses, administrators and surgeons will speak of anesthesia rather presumptively - like it just magically happens and like there is really very little to discuss.  But this is highly unfair to patients and anesthesiologists alike.

Anesthesia is essential to many things in healthcare but it does not come without significant risks.  There are also several different types of anesthesia that may be applied and they each have their individual risk benefit profile in the setting of the procedure you will undergo and any ongoing medical issues you may have. 

You deserve time to ponder these complexities as explained to you in an unhurried way.  A talk with an anesthesiologist before hospitalization, childbirth or surgery is the best way to prepare yourself for the choices you will face and the care you will receive.   It's a worthy expense to optimize your outcome. Your surgeon, nurses and anesthesiologist will be better able to care for you in a timely way by focusing on the care itself rather than the time-consuming explanation of details of that care or the distracting need for excessive reassurance.  

As importantly, your actual anesthesia will be a better experience if the typical anxieties about it are eliminated beforehand via a thorough understanding of what to expect.  

It's well known to anesthesiologists that calm, relaxed, mentally prepared patients do better than nervous, anxious ones.  Less anxiety means less pain, less pain response, and a more stable physiology so the anesthesia itself is more effective and its side effects are minimized.  This better experience also makes for a quicker transition back to normal life after a trip to the hospital.

For these reasons and more, it makes sense to afford yourself this time to think about the complexities of your anesthesia ​in advance of the care itself.  

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