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Ambulance Driver

Physiology & Pharmacology Lectures for Aging and Earnest Paramedics


Math Tutor

Study skills from elementary school through doctor of medicine.


Yes Doctor

I need some help... good follow me around with a computer and enter patient information as I round on pain patients in skilled nursing facilites in Monterey.

$30 an hour as an employee means I pay half of  your taxes and SSI contributions as well as your workers compensation premiums.  It's one day a week, or maybe two. You'll be one of five team members who cover 4 days a week.  Scheduling  can be hugely flexible.  Work the same day every week; take a week or two off, whatever you want. The work is super easy. All you really have to do is be there, pay attention and move quickly.  A facility with keyboards is a must.  

Submit a letter of interest to  Work to begin October 15 2017

Taking blood pressue