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Personal MD is a new and better approach to physician services.  It's a refreshing alternative that prioritizes our mutual interest in your optimal state of health.  You'll never contend with co-pays, waiting rooms, or hurried appointments.   Personal MD offers house-calls, field-calls, phone-calls and office visits where you can always take as much time as you want to address your needs.  On introduction we can discuss your medical history, personal concerns, and the remaining features of Personal MD to decide, together, if this service is right for you.



If you have health insurance, the "in-network" physician services you receive are provided by your contract with that insurance company - not with your doctor. At the same time, in order to care for "in-network" patients, your doctor is required to sign contracts with your insurance company - not with you.  So when you (the patient) and I (the doctor) individually contract with the insurance company you still have to ask the insurance company what you can get from me and I still have to ask the insurance company what I can give to you!  

That's right! You pay the money; I do the work; and the insurance company gets rich while neither of us are happy.   Insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, and hundreds of thousands of healthcare workers enjoy a great living in the current U.S. healthcare industry paid for by your insurance premiums while day after day doctors and patients are disgusted with the status quo.

Personal MD offers direct-care physician services by individual contract.  Your fees for my service are paid through direct deposit from your financial institution.  Most importantly, when we are not bound by the restrictions of an insurance company, I may legally bill you for services not available through the insurance regime; notable examples are telephone consultations, home visits, or any of the services and products found at

For those currently insured but unhappy with their healthcare service, PersonalMD can be a great way to help you make the best of your healthcare dollar.  Guidance on healthcare system can pay dividends when it really counts.   For the uninsured, PersonalMD can save you thousands in unnecessary ER visits and guide you towards a more economical model of healthcare.   


For your $500 annual enrollment fee, you'll start with an hour-long introductory visit with physical exam and medical history and if you prefer, the formation of a Health Optimization Plan to get you in the best health possible. 

Then you'll have your Doctor on speed-dial for what-ever you might need either by discussion or face-to-face.  If i dont pick up and you go to voice mail, I'll answer your call before the end of day or, if you say it's an emergency, I'll call you as soon as I can for a $50 fee.  For another $50 fee and $2 a mile from my location at the time of your call, I can come to your home, office, bicycle crash scene, wherever.  But weather I'm talking to you on the phone, meeting you at my office, your home, workplace or anywhere else in the neighborhood I'll bill you at a rate of $4/minute, for as many minutes as it takes take care of you, form a long-term or short-term plan (depending on the acuity of the situation), document our interaction and schedule our next visit, if appropriate, but not a single minute more.   There are no monthly fees, you pay only for the services you receive directly from me. You will be invoiced within 24hrs of service and payment is due immediately.  It's easy.  Click pay and yer done.  In the case of your hospitalization, your care will be directed by a hospital physician but I will be available to consult you by daily visits or phone calls as necessary.

Referrals to other professionals are part of the Personal MD service but other Doctor's fees will be additional and arranged through you directly.  As well, orders for ancillary services like xrays or blood test also be included in the service but the costs of those tests and paying for them will be arranged through you directly.  I have an extremely frugal and suspicious eye for the use of expensive, complex diagnostics and maintain a strongly clinically based practice. This reflects my medical training which oriented me towards evidence-based practices where possible and a keen awareness of the importance of cost.

The maximum number of people enrolled in the Personal MD service will be 50.  In this way, we can both be sure that I will have time for you when you call or promptly thereafter.​

Personal MD is fee-for-service Direct Physician Care.  No nurses, no receptionists, no appointments, no insurance companies or approvals or open enrollment periods or monthly fees.  

It's the resurrection of the patient-doctor relationship...but even better than it used to be.  Please set up an introductory appointment where we can discuss your particular needs and decide, together, if Personal MD is right for you. 

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