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One of the many challenges facing the Veterans Affairs Administration and it's veterans is access to services. Wait times are long and clinic and hospital locations are severely limited.

I learned of this through a US Navy veteran friend who works and lives in Milpitas but has to go to Palo Alto for all of his healthcare needs. A simple doctor's appointment takes up most of the day with the commute, parking and waiting times. He complains of rude and condescending behavior from foreign nurses who speak broken english.  He submits to semi-annual body scans given a previous radiation exposure as a navy diver decades ago. But if for his regular surveillance care or for more acute items he describes his service from VA as an aggravating and noxious experience.​

But as he spoke the zeal of his voice and his tone said something else was left unspoken. He had anger in his eyes and when inquired he said "yes" he felt he deserved better. This is because, I think, his injury is lifelong as are his risks which will increase with time. On the other hand, the fulfillment, meaning and pride that drove him to take the risks that got him injured in the first place are long gone if he cannot be treated with courtesy, humanity and a modicum of gratitude. ​And I wondered to myself, "Who would not feel resent for a system that returns the favor of it's patriots in such a way?" ​

Veteran Care is a service available through to US Military Veterans only.  It exclusively affords a more convenient, more respectful access point to healthcare for US Military Veterans in the San Francisco Bay Area.​  For a monthly cost $199.00 arranged by monthly automatic payment by credit card, working US Military Veterans can enjoy one hour of medical care per month, broken up into as many as 12 conversations or visits as necessary. Further care, if needed will be billed at the same rate ($199.00 / hr) but in 5 minute increments.  Texts are billed by the minute as well. Many things can be handled with a bit of advice or a prescription renewal. For working veterans this can be a tremendous time saver, allowing them to stay at work, waste less time, have less aggravation and humiliation and thereby enjoy better lives. These are the benefits we should be giving our veterans for what they've given us.  Give a call to enroll.  312-305-9378   

Please see my blog entry about appreciating our veterans to get a sense of how you can expect to be treated at VeteranCare.