Smoking  Cessation

Of all known addctions, nicotine is one of the most difficult to break.  Withdrawal from heroin or cocaine is "easier" according to those co-addicted and it's no wonder.  Nicotine critically effects the fundamental parts of your nervous system that keep your body runnning without you thinking about it:  heart beat, breathing rate, gut function and more.  Nicotine actually changes the way your nervous system works making the removal of that nicotine extremely uncomfortable.

With this in mind, a nicotine cessation strategy means nothing until quitting smoking is the most important thing in the world for you.  It's that difficult and it's that important to realize that nicotine addiction is so completely fundamental to who you are; to what you are.

Therefore your success is up to you.  The program makes absolutely no guarantee or claim of success. I can't quit smoking for you.  Only you can do that.  But I can give you a fighting chance... maybe... by sharing the way I quit smoking myself after 17 pack -a-day years.

The Lifestyle Solutions Smoking Cessation Program rests on a thorough understanding of the  physiological principles that explain the addiction.  I figured out how it all works in toughest courses in medical school:  neurophysiology (the study of how the nervous system works) and pathology (the study of disease) and then I one try... forever...and so can you.

That you are still reading tells me you might be quite ready to quit smoking.  In medical training, I was horrified by the ravages of cigarettes which I learned in excruciating detail.  In summary, they make you die.  The cancer risk is enourmous.  It's way way way more than you think!  The lung cancer risk is what it is but the cancer risks imposed by cigarettes are for ALL kinds of cancer - ALL of them.   Emphysema, which is not a risk but a certainty, is ongoing in the lungs of all smokers and former smokers alike.  Smokers will die with some degree of emphysema which is the mere disintigration of lung tissue.  The lung tissue just goes away.  It never comes back.  And without lung tissue, you can't breath. Slowly over the years, breathing gets worse until the lung tissue remaining is less than required to keep oneself alive—begetting the onset of suffocation.  To get a hint of the horror involved, hold your head under the sheets in bed and breath for a while.  And when you need to come out for a breath of fresh air just can never come out, you can only calm down.  Try it out and you'll see what I mean... instantly.  If you don't quit smoking that will be your future—no doubt about it

...unless you are lucky enough to die of something else sooner.

Continuing to smoke any amount of tobacco will hasten the progress of your disease and surely quicken your demise.  Quitting slows the process immensely.  Heart attack risk is also vastly increased in smokers but returns, along with cancer risk, to pre-smoking levels after about 10 years of abstinence. deserve better.  The people who love you deserve better.  Read more below about how a program based on science and medicine can get you started on those ten years right now. See the pricing structure under "Fine Print" below.  And for kicks, check out my new inter-webs  non-smoker savings calculator.  

It's a long tough journey to fully quit smoking.  I think I finally lost the urge and became repulsed by cigarettes after eight or nine years.  It varies between people but it takes years.  So get started.  Right now.  You'll be so glad you did.  I sure am.

Thanks for visiting.  Please read more below about the elements of the program.

Jeffrey R. Hodgson, MD

Elements of the Quit Smoking Program



Addiction:  it all boils down to molecules effecting the nervous system.  The effect of nicotine on our bodies is immense and when you remove it things will change.  Knowing, in advance, about these changes will help you cope with them when the arrive...and help you successfully remain free of nicotine—forever.



Bupropion, Varenicline, Nicotine substitution strategies



Behavior, routine and habit are critical features of the smoking regimen. These first must be acknowledged by the smoker who can then recognize and better cope with the difficulties that remain once the cigarettes are gone.  This program offers a structure for the self-modification of one's own behavior.  You fix yourself.  It's certainly not easy but it's the only way to make lasting change.



Persistent and continuous dedication to this lengthy program is essential for success. You absolutely must have the proper motivation to endure the transition from smoker to non-smoker. This program will help you maintain that by frequently reminding you of your priorities, regularly congratulating you on your perseversance, and shepherding you through the final phases of eliminating nicotine for ever.



Ancient Treatment protocol. 6 times in 2 weeks then 4 times in 2 weeks then as needed.  Better than any medicine for qutting.



The program will instruct you about specific foods and supplements that can ease the discomfort of withdrawal as well as foods and other consumables that you should avoid.  You'll also gain a new understanding of cravings, craving confusion and methods to cope with this persistent feature of withdrawal from nicotine.


Addiction Theory

The holistic view of the addiction and life after cigarettes.

The fine print.

You'll attend an introductory meeting to include a medical exam and consideration of pharmaceutical support.  You will receive a digital pamphlet by email which explains the program in detail.  Repeat meetings for coaching and consultation are available as desired for all participants but required every month if receiving pharmaceutical support.  Program duration is 7 to 9  months.  Many re-enroll for a 6 month or 1 year period.  You'll learn more about why on introduction.  Quitting smoking is tough.  I know because I had to do it myself.  And with the right strategy as well as pharmaceutical support, your chance of quitting is better than ever.  I found it very difficult but I'm so glad I did it.  I know you will be too.