Veteran Care

Personalized Attention for our Patriots in Uniform

The department of Veterans Affairs faces immense challenges in caring for our nation's military personnel, the first of which is the simple matter of access. A veteran I know works and lives in Milpitas and has to go all the way to Palo Alto for all of his healthcare needs.  A doctor's appointment takes up most of the day with the commute, parking, and waiting times.  He describes rude, condescending, foreign-born nurses who speak broken english and abuse him as he submits to semi-annual body scans for his radiation exposure as a navy diver.  But whether for his regular surveillance care or for more acute items he describes his interaction with VA as a reliably aggravating and noxious experience.  There was resent - even anger in his voice when he answered "yes" he felt he deserved better.  

After more conversation it became clear that the injuries he sustained while in service to America are now a lifelong problem - as are his attendant risks which themselves actually increase with time. On the other hand, the fulfillment, patriotism, meaning and pride that convinced him to take the risks that got him injured in the first place are long...LONG gone if he cannot at least be treated with simple courtesy, and perhaps even a modicum of gratitude.  I'd be angry too if it were me.

VeteranCare affords a more convenient, respectful and practical access to healthcare for US Military Veterans in the San Francisco Bay Area.  It won't replace everything available through the VA but it will afford more convenient access to many of the features of commercial healthcare now available to non-military private citizens. For $100 / month ( billed automatically to your credit card ) you can have an hour with your personal doctor.  If you need more time, you'll be billed at the same rate in 15 minute increments.  If you don't use the time you can roll it over and bank it.  For working veterans this can be a tremendous time saver -  allowing them to stay at work, waste less time, endure less aggravation and thereby enjoy better lives.

I'm not a healthcare institution. I'm one guy who wants to do right.  I can't be everything to everyone but I can make your healthcare experience easier, more pleasant, and maybe even more effective.

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Jeffrey R. Hodgson, MD

California Medical License #A100211

Pvt., TQ4, Canadian Armed Forces Medical Corps (ret.)

Honorably Discharged with Commendation, June 30, 1987