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More disease and pathologies are attributable to obesity than any other single cause.  High blood pressure is leads to increased frequency and severity of stroke, heart disease, and heart attack.  Sleep  apnea is common leading to unrestful sleep,  and resulting in decreased work performance and increased work injury. Diabetes leads to serious problems like limb loss, blindness, kidney failure, nerve damage and infection.  Skin breakdown, foot, knee, hip, neck, shoulder and back injuries, sleep disorders are all massively increased in the obese as are lung disease, cancer, psychiatric disorders, sexual dysfunction, and social difficulties. Human functional disorders are all massively increased as are depression, suicide, and loneliness.  

But there is one amazingly good thing about obesity: It's reversible!  and so are many of the associated diseases listed above.  You

CAN get healthy!  You CAN get your life back!

It is my firm belief that with the proper information and proper motivation, ANYONE, can wrest themselves from obesity.  If you're too fat ... like I was, and ya wanna make change...

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Jeff Before

219 pounds


Jeff After

164 pounds

Disclaimers and Enrollment

Some time back I found myself way, way overweight so I set out to make change. I thought about everything I knew as a scientist and as a medical doctor and boiled it down a few simple points that are easily understood and easily carried out - so easy that many people find reason to dismiss it and not even try.  But after you've paid your money I'm hoping you will take what I say seriously enough to just give it a try.  

For $199 you'll start with an hour-long introductory appointment to include a medical exam, receive instructional materials, arrange online motivational support, consider pharmaceutical support and get a thorough explanation of the philosophy and details of the program.  Follow-up visits are available as needed but strongly recommended at three, seven, and twelve weeks progress and  mandatory at those stages for those receiving pharmaceutical support.

The entire program including instructional materials are presented as unguaranteed opinion with no claim to correctness of fact or guarantee regarding outcome whatsoever.